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Zhejiang Liqi Machinery Co., Ltd is located in lishui, Zhejiang Province.We are dedicated to design,research,manufacture and sale for hydraulic machine. The main products are the hydraulic press machines of brake pad and commutators.
1.For brake pads and other friction material industrial. Hydraulic Press machine for back plate first(X style), for powder first(Hstyle), multi-cavity equal press machine, multi-station rotary equal-press machine special for brake pads. Hydraulic Press machine special for brake lining(GS), it can be with single layer, double layer and 4 layers. Hydraulic Press machine for back plate. We also offer different kinds of corresponding weighting machine and mold.
2.For commutator industrial. Heating press,unload press, automatically heating press special for commutators,automatically weighting and forming machine.
We design all the machine parts and hydraulic system by our professional team. Our products have advantages of stable quality, convenient operation, energy saving and low noise.And also we won a number of patent certificates. Not only products are sold all over the country, but also export to overseas such as Russia, India, Thailand, Brazil, Bolivia, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia and other countries. We have the spirit of innovation, cooperation and integrity. What's more we committed to become the world's top quality hydraulic press machine manufacturers.